About Youth IGF Bangladesh

Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) Bangladesh is an initiative under the umbrella of Bangladesh Internet Governance Forum (BIGF) in conjunction with the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UNIGF). It is a multi-stakeholder, youth and youth women-led platform to engage in Internet governance-related issues.

Our Vision & Mission


The Vision of Youth IGF Bangladesh is to encourage our youth to contribute to national, regional and international Internet Governance and be part of the movement which is helping to increase youth participation in the Internet ecosystem.


The Mission of Youth IGF Bangladesh is to prepare and inspire a new generation of Bangladeshi youth for constructive engagement and empowerment for a sustainable future in the internet governance.

Values, cooperation, collaboration and mutual understanding between the Bangladeshi youth community and multi-stakeholders by bringing them together to make a secured internet platform.

Prepare our youth to take the challenges of Internet-based emerging technologies, innovation, trending changes and social media activities, etc.

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